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The Foot Ulcer Trails Unit has attracted (or shared with others) the following major research grants:


Department of Health HTA Programme 678,779. (2003)
Multicentre trial of three dressings


Nottingham and Derby R&D 46,615. (2003)
Feasibility study for a prospective trial to evaluate education in the primary prevention of foot ulcers


Diabetes UK 73,182. (2003-7)
Evaluation of an education programme in the secondary prevention of foot ulcers

4 Unconditional grant from Aventis/NovoNordisk/Roche to study effect of close glycaemic control on ulcer healing. 12,000. (2004)

Nottingham City Hospital R&D Pump-Priming Award 9,950. (2004)
Investigation of effect of haemodialysis on oxygenation of peripheral tissues


Diabetes UK 32,000. (2005)
A multicentre database for monitoring the Charcot foot in diabetes


Nottingham Primary Care Research Programme 1521.  (2005)
Audit of foot ulcer outcome (with the Division of Primary Care)


Merck (UK). 12000. (2006)
Grant to facilitate a web-based audit of the outcome of management of osteomyelitis in different countries world-wide


Biotec Pharmacon  220,000. (2006)
Grant to design and conduct a multicentre trial to determine the efficacy and safety of soluble beta glucan in the management of diabetic foot ulcers.


NEAT (DoH) 68,790. (2007)
Grant to evaluate white light spectroscopy as a method of assessing distal limb blood flow.


Moulton Charitable Research Foundation 259,000. (2008)
Grant to undertake a RCT into the use of bone biopsy in the diagnosis and management of osteomyelitis of the foot in diabetes


Nottingham University School of Medical and Surgical Sciences (2008)
Funding for a PhD student to undertake ex-vivo studies of bone signalling pathways in the acute Charcot foot.



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