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  • FUTU 03/01 HTA Dressings study
    FUTU 03/02 Evaluation of education in the secondary prevention of foot ulceration in diabetes - ESP study
    FUTU 03/03 Study of the feasibility of undertaking an evaluation of the benefit of education in the primary prevention of foot ulcers in an at risk of people with diabetes - Footbridge Feasibility Study
    FUTU 03/04 TranCell Study: determining the efficacy of a new dressing product developed in Cell Biology Division in the University of Sheffield, based on the culture of the patient’s own keratinocytes onto a transfer dressing
    FUTU 03/05 Close glycaemic control study

    FUTU 04/01

    Assessment of the feasibility of determining the effect on wound healing of achieving close glycaemic control in diabetes.

    FUTU 04/02

    Investigation of the effect of haemodialysis on oxygenation of peripheral tissues.
    FUTU 04/03 Investigation of the temporal relationship between the onset of dialysis and the incidence of first-ever new foot ulceration

    FUTU 05/01

    Web-based audit of the outcome of management of acute Charcot’s disease of the foot in UK – CDUK

    FUTU 05/02

    Various analyses of factors which predict outcome of foot ulcers

    FUTU 06/01

    Development and validation of a new scale to document foot care behaviour – NAFF questionnaire

    FUTU 07/01


    RCT of the effectiveness of a new carbohydrate gel in enhancing healing of diabetic foot ulcers – SBG Study

    FUTU 08/01


    Assessment of the value of spectroscopy of reflected white light in determining the degree of peripheral arterial disease – NEAT Study

    FUTU 08/02


    Multinational, web-based audit of the outcome of routine management of osteomyelitis in diabetes

    FUTU 08/03


    Investigation of the involvement of the cannabinoid and RANKL/OPG pathways in the pathogenesis of the acute Charcot foot – BBB study

    FUTU 08/04


    RCT of bone biopsy to direct antibiotic choice in the management of osteomyelitis – BBAB study
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